The Heritage Corner, Springhill Record

April 9th, 2014

Dec. 22, 1938Springhill Record Cars Crash on Main Street

     Cars driven by Danny Caulfield and Roland Mooring, a member of Cecil Letcher’s garage staff, collided head on in front of the Selrite Store just after the noon hour Wednesday.  Both cars were badly damaged around the front section, radiators, bumpers, steering gear being smashed.

     At the time of the accident Mr. Caulfield was proceeding up Main Street accompanied by Pat McLeod and Ronald Jewkes who were in the back seat.  The garage car was coming down the hill and was said to have skidded on the icy street, hitting Caulfield’s car, head on.  The impact was quite severe as McLeod and Jewkes were thrown against the front seat while Caulfield almost smashed into his own windshield.  Mooring had young Letcher in the rear seat, but everyone escaped with merely a shaking up.

Verna Fisher Gets Radio

     Those who contributed to the fund for the purchase of a radio for Verna Jean Fisher will be glad to know that the radio has materialized and was installed in Verna’s room last week.  So many have been so interested that they may like to know how this happy result has been finally achieved.

     Some weeks ago Verna wrote a special poem expressing her desire for a radio.  This poem, printed by the Record, was put on sale and met with a ready response to which was added a number of special donations as follows:

M. Anderson, Montreal - $1.00; St. Andrew’s Guild - $2.00; High School Glee Club - $1.00; Baptist Brotherhood - $5.00; Pythian Sisters - $3.00; An Interested Friend - $1.00; Total - $13.00

     The radio installed is a 5 tube DeForest – Crosley with standard and short-wave reception procured through the local representative, Mr. C.R. Price, at factory price; in addition to which Mr. Price donated the aerial equipment.  Ernest Moody, Jr. installed the set and will service it free of charge.  The batteries were purchased at cost price from Mr. Sam Lees, dealer for Willard Batteries, who will keep the set charged without further cost. 

     Mrs. Ernest Moody and Mrs. Clarence Thompson assisted in selling the poem which was the means for opening up the fund.  To all of these as well as the general public, Verna and her family wish to express their grateful thanks.  The express their thanks also the Record for the free advertising, “For without this we are sure the radio would not have become a reality” – The Record has been glad to assist and with many other friends will wish Verna and Very Merry Christmas and many hours of pleasure in days to come. 

     Verna’s special thanks will be found on another page in this issue.

  1. Now I Have a Radio

  2. There is music in my dwelling,

  3. Dreamy waltz and snappy reel,

  4. Words of mine they fail in telling

  5. Just the gladness that I feel;

  6. All the world now gives its treasure,

  7. In its music and its song

  8. And the day is bright in pleasure

  9. Where it once was gray and long.

  10. News is now brought to my hearing,

  11. News from home and other climes,

  12. For, as you, I find it cheering

  13. When I keep abreast the times,

  14. Need I add the varied stories,

  15. Which from mystic ether flow,

  16. Hold for me unfolding glories

  17. Now I have a Radio!

  18. Sure it is a great invention

  19. For the shut-ins of the land,

  20. And ‘tis here I crave to mention

  21. That I think my set is grand!

  22. Song and fun in rich rotation

  23. Shed within my room their glow,

  24. I am on the happy station

  25. Now I have a radio.

  26. Now ‘tis you I am addressing,

  27. Friends who gave in goodwill free,

  28. Hoping you may find a blessing

  29. Great as this now sent to me.

  30. Thank you all, who made me able

  31. This great joy of joys to know –

  32. And to have upon my table,

  33. Such a lovely Radio!

                                      Verna Jean Fisher