The Heritage Corner, Springhill Record

January 7th, 2015

Jan. 30, 1941Loses Home, Belongings

     A bad fire occurred Monday morning on Grays Lane, in which Hector Nelson lost his house and practically everything in it.  Mrs. Nelson while about her work had a sudden feeling that something was wrong and going upstairs was shocked to find the chamber in flames.  Catching up some bedding, she ran down with it but was unable to return.  An alarm was sent in, and considering the condition of the roads, the firemen were on hand in a very short time.  It was a stubborn blaze to fight in zero weather and required almost two hours to subdue, and to ensure the safety of nearby properties.  Only a very few articles could be saved from the lower part of the house and it is understood that there is no insurance.  It is not known exactly what plans are being made, but as there is a family of six children, the parents are facing a difficult problem. 

     No doubt there will be many who will wish to give them a helping hand at this time.

Accidents – A number of accidents have occurred during the past week, the most serious of which occurred last Tuesday night on the 11 o’clock shift when Joe Berry, working at the 4000 level in No. 2, had his arm badly crushed and was rushed to All Saints Hospital.

     Wm. Spence had a hand injury and John Savage had his foot crushed by falling stone.  Both being treated at their homes.

     George Newman who was injured some weeks ago by falling stone, and who had recently returned to work, is laid up again by the injury.

     Miss Hilda Newman, High School girl, fell last Friday and severely injured her knee, and is still unable to be out.

     Mrs. William Cochrane, Grays Lane, while trying to assist in saving some of the household goods at the Nelson’s fire Monday morning fell on the ice and sustained a very bad arm injury. While not broken the arm is very badly bruised and ligaments injured.  She was treated at All Saints Hospital and later returned to her home.

Arrest Made in Boss Garage Break

     William Norman of North Sydney, was committed for trial Saturday morning when he appeared before Magistrate Hugh Lambert on a charge of breaking and entering the Irvin R. Boss Garage on Junction Road early Monday morning. An intensive investigation by the local police resulted in the arrest of Norman. At the time of his arrest Norman had little of the money left, but he produced a guitar and flashlight which were said to be in the garage at the time of the robbery.  Money taken amounted to $75.00.

     Bernard Dumphy, of North Sydney, was taken into custody at the same time, although he was in Parrsboro at the time of the break.  Dumphy gave important evidence at the hearing as Norman joined him in Parrsboro shortly after the robbery.

     Questioning Dumphy police learned he had taken part in a robbery at Bass RiverChief Buchanan notified R.C.M.P. at Parrsboro, who in turn notified the Truro detachment that the man wanted was in custody in Springhill.

     Giving evidence against Norman were David Dill, Robert Calder and James Coleman, who detected the break the following morning.  Chief Buchanan and Ralph Bernick also gave evidence.

     The sworn statement made to the police by the accused was accepted as evidence by the Magistrate who committed the accused to stand trial at the next sitting of the County Court.  Constables Hogarty and Cassidy of Truro, escorted Dumphy to Truro Saturday.

     On July 1, 1915, the Springhill newspaper carried a letter from Harry Davies, a soldier who would later be awarded the coveted D.M.C.  Harry’s letter, sent to his parents, was dated “April 28, 1915, Belgium.”

     In his letter Harry told of the famous battle when 8,000 Canadians held back 100,000 Germans for 36 hours until reinforcements arrived.  The soldiers had no water, no food “and the shell fire was hell on earth.”  The soldier said he was writing his letter “about a mile behind the firing line, having a little rest.  Although a lot of shells are falling around us, it is a picnic in comparison to the hell a mile away from us.  The Germans are making their last kick as they can’t win – the British Tommy is some fighter!”


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