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February 7, 2007

Feb. 7, 2007 – Murray Family Continued

We shall continue with the John Murray Family this week.

William Hector (W.H.) was born in Pictou County in 1867. He, along with his good friend Wm. J. Pippy, acquired the controlling interest in Edison Light and Power Company which was established in 1905. William Pippy served as President and W.H. Murray as secretary-treasurer until it changed hands in 1929. William Henry loved to quote Robbie Burns and he went about reading meters people would hear him coming as he would be reciting a poem by Robbie Burns. He was first married to Ida Alexander who passed away in 1916. He later remarried when Jessie A. Fraser became his wife.

They had three children John James, Fraser and Allister.

John James was a veteran of WW11and was District Supervisor of Nova Scotia Power Corp. He married Olive Phillips and had two children; Patricia ( Griffith ) and Beverly (Rick Draper).

William Hector was a member of the 93 rd. Battalion Band, member of the Springhill Club and in 1888 he joined the I.O.O.F. Eureka Lodge and was a member for over 65 years. He was Past Grand of the I.O.O.F.

William Hector died in 1956.

Daniel Murray was born in Albion Mines, Pictou Co., on Oct. 29, 1860 . Daniel worked in the mines for many years as a pump man before going into business with his brother John. When John retired in 1917 Daniel took over the store and renamed it D. Murray & Co. and ran it for another 26 years.

Daniel, along with E.A. Potter, F.S. Heffernan, L.B. Donkin and R.B. Murray, was instrumental in getting the Drill Shed built. He joined the Militia and received his 1 st. commission as Lieutenant in 1872, serving as Adjutant for a time and was Officer Commanding the 93 Cumberland Regiment and in that capacity he went oversees in 1914 with the 17 th Battalion. He returned home in 1916 and was awarded the Victorian Decoration. When the 93 rd Regiment became the 193 rd, a highland Regiment, the Murray Tartan was chosen in his honor.

Daniel was a volunteer fireman, Town Councillor, member of the School Board, Past Grand of I.O.O.F. Eureka Lodge # 15 ( a member for 55 years), was one of the original contributing members in the establishment of the Queens Fund and was also instrumental in the erecting of the Soldiers Monument. He was also interested in the Red Cross and was a member of the Board of Management of Saint Andrew’s United Church

Daniel Murray married Jane Conway, daughter of William Conway, in 1885. Daniel Murray first had a house on Chapel St . He later moved to the house on 9 Princess St ... This house was built by the McLellan Brothers and had two previous owners. This house continued to be owned by the Murray ’s until the death of his last remaining child Isobel Simpson. At the present time the house is up for sale.

Daniel and Jane had 6 children: Charles R., Cecil, John, Robert R., Annie G. and Isabel.

Daniel died on Oct. 21, 1942 while his wife Jane died June 7, 1957 .

Charles Robinson Murray took over the smaller part of the Murray Store and continued with a department of the old store. It was known as C.R. Murray’s Mens Wear. He was a merchant in Springhill for 75 years. He was also the manager of the original Fencebusters.

Charles Married Ida Gwendolyn Boss and they had two children: daughter Olivia and son Arthur Conway.

Charles Robinson passed away March 26, 1983

Olivia Murray married Donald Norman Johnson and they had a son Robert M.

Arthur Conway (Con) served oversee in WW11 with the RCAF and upon his return he continued work at Murray ’s Mens Wear. He married Helen Roberta McSavaney and they had 2 daughters: Elizabeth who married Bill Harrison and Margaret who married Don Cutcliff.

Arthur Conway passed away July 31, 1991 .

Cecil William Murray worked for Enterprise Foundry in Sackville, N.B. where he became Secretary Treasurer. He married Florence Adams and they had a son Harold Daniel and a daughter Mrs. R.L. MacKenzie.

Cecil passed away June 2, 1978 at the age of 88.

John MacKenzie Murray was a Sergeant and was stationed in Yarmouth . When he retired he lived with his sister at the family home.

John was never married and passed away Dec. 30, 1979 at the age of 83.

Robert Roy Murray married Beatrice Swan and they were both killed in the Queen Hotel Fire in Halifax on March 2, 1939 .

Will finish with the Murray Family in next weeks edition.