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December 7, 2005

Dec. 7, 2005 – Postmasters

In the early years of Springhill the only means of getting the mail from one place to another was a matter of chance. You had to rely on someone who would be going to that destination.

The first postmaster was Joseph Herrett and he was followed by Nathan Boss. The first post office was in Thomas Fear’s Store, the first postmaster here was H.S. Boss. Later a larger post office was built on the Anderson property (about where Saffron’s store is today) and John Anderson became postmaster.

By 1900 Springhill had become the third largest town in the province and the erecting of a new post office and custom office was greatly needed. In December, 1901, the new post office was opened on the corner of Church and Main St. where the present Town Hall stands. This building was built of brick and stone and had a tower clock that boasted four faces. The building was 80 feet in height and had five flights of stairs. The roof was made of slate and copper. The building was heated by hot water and lighted by electricity. The cost of the completed building was $20,000. John Anderson continued to be postmaster until his retirement in 1903.

The following are list of postmasters from 1903 until 1970.

Allan G. Purdy 1903-1921

David Anderson 1921-1949

Mary Oulton Anderson 1949 acting

Douglas Carl Johnson 1950-1959

Harry B. Wilson 1959-1970

In 1962 a new post office was built and is still in use. The older building was renovated and turned into the Town Hall. This was later burned in the fire of 1975.

From 1886 to 1927 Leamington had its own post office. The postmasters here were: George L. Nelson 1886-1889

Albert H. Gilroy 1889-1922

Harold W. Gilroy 1923-1926

Mrs. Jeanette Hunter 1926-1927

At Springhill Junction the post office was in a store and operated by the following postmasters:

Clarence R. Lowe 1881-1882

Mrs. Jane Anne Dunn 1886-1900

Miss Elizabeth McKenzie 1901-1904

H.W. Jones 1905-1907

Harry A. McKenzie 1908-1928

Mrs. Ada McKenzie 1928-1940

Miss Ethel Mae Angus 1941-1942

Mrs. Ethel Mae Rushton 1942-1947

Hance Logan Rushton 1947-1955

Mrs. Della Lavinia Allen 1955-1966

Mrs. Ethel Mae Rushton 1966-1973

Mrs. J. Adams 1973-

I’d like to leave you with this week with a quote from Beryl Pfizer:

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But it sure beats a blank stare for starting a conversation.