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June 6, 2007

June 6, 2007 – James Bryson Wilson Family

James Bryson Wilson was born in Kilmaroch , Scotland . There he married Jane Aiton also from Kilmaroch. In 1850 he and Jane came to Pictou , Nova Scotia and then went to Low Point, Cape Breton . Later he moved back to Stellerton where he worked as a bankhead manager before moving to Springhill where he was the bankhead foreman of #2 mines in 1870. When he first moved here he lived in one of the new company houses. He and Jane had a large family of 13 children: John, Alexander, William, James B., Martha, Mary, Agnes, Margaret, Elizabeth, George, Jean, Thomas and Phoebe.

James Bryson Wilson was an Elder in the Presbyterian Church, a Sunday school teacher and Sunday school superintendent.

James was one of the people who brought about the Provincial Workmen’s Association (PWA). He was also an eye doctor, mostly for the miners who would have cold dust in their eyes or have eye strain. James would bathe the eyes and bring about instant relief and many swore by him.

James B. Wilson died in 1905 and is buried in Hillside Cemetery .

James B. jr. was the oldest of the Wilson children who was born in 1853 in Kilmaroch , Scotland . He was a noted musician and was at one time a Band Master. He died in Missouri at a young age.

Thomas died in Scotland before the Wilsons moved to Canada .

Phoebe died in infancy.

William had been married twice and had the following children: Jean, James, William, Bert and Alexander.

Jane Wilson was born in Pictou on Sept. 11, 1858 married John Bentcliffe and they had four children – Jean, Annie, James B. and Thomas. After Thomas’s death Jane later married William Wilson Demings (1849-1932) on June 5, 1907 . Jane died in Everett , MA on January 16, 1947 .

Agnes Wilson was born in Low Point, Cape Breton on Feb. 28, 1871 and married John C. McIsaac (1869- 1962) on May 17, 1893. They had a son Bion, a girl that died in infancy, daughters Jean, Martha, Mary, Sadie, Agnes and Margaret. Margaret died at the age of 19 and was a school teacher. Agnes Wilson died on Feb. 16, 1955 in Springhill.

Mary Wilson was born in Lingan, Cape Breton on Apr. 22, 1867 . She married David McSavaney (1864-1931) on Dec. 30, 1886 . They had nine children: Jean, Annie, James, Elizabeth, Tillie, Greta, David, William and Richard.

Tillie McSavaney married Harold L. ( Roy ) Langille and will be remembered as a school teacher in Springhill for many years. Tillie and Roy had two children Harold and Kenneth. Tillie passed away in 1995.

David McSavaney was born in 1897, married Isabel Churchill and died Aug. 16, 1955 .

William McSavaney was born on June 9, 1899 , married Agnes MacAleese and died May 20, 1973 .

Richard McSavaney was married to Mary McPherson. He died in 1993.

Greta McSavaney married William Lauwers.

Mary Wilson died June 25, 1943 .

Elizabeth Wilson was born July 25, 1865 . She married John T. Leadbetter in 1883. She had ten children. Two of her children died in infancy and two others, along with her husband John, died of typhoid fever. The other children were Margaret, James, Alexander, Rhoda, Jean and George.

James Leadbetter married Elsie Marie Carter. They had a daughter Ruth. James died in 1981.

Alexander Leadbetter was born June 11, 1899 . He married Evelyn Langille who will be remembered as a school teacher who taught in Springhill for 30 years. Alexander ( Sandy ) and Evelyn had a daughter Doreen. Alexander died on Oct. 11, 1967 .

Jean Leadbetter was born Feb. 20, 1901 . She was a school teacher and died Oct. 22, 1946 .

George Leadbetter was born May 12, 1897 , married Grace Moore and died May 5, 1951 .

Next week I will continue with the Wilson family.