The Heritage Corner, Springhill Record

June 6, 2006

June 6, 2006 – 1893 Annual Report

In the 1893 Annual Report for the Town of Springhill Mr. R.H. Cooper. Esq. was Mayor. The Councilors were: A.A. McKinnon; C. Simpson; E.B. Paul; J.T Leadbetter; John W. Wilson and W.B. Wilson.

The School Commissioners at that time were: A.G. Purdy, Chairman; J. Wilson; A.A. McKinnon, John Murray and E.B. Paul.

The Stipendiary Magistrate was Richard Bennett, Esq. was paid the sum of 150.00 for the year

Daniel McLeod was the Town Clerk and Treasurer.

The first Mayor was A.E. Fraser who served from 1889-1890 then William Hall was elected in 1891, to be followed by R.H. Cooper who served in 1892-1893.

In that year they still hadn’t come up with a plan for a water system. They did, however, buy a chemical engine for fire protection. This engine was bought, from J.D. Ronalds, Esq. of Brussels , Ontario , at a cost of $1800. F.O.B. Charles Coulter and John Brown were each paid the sum of $3.00 each for hauling the hook and ladder truck.

In the school report for 1893 it stated that a new class room was opened and they thought they may have to open another. There were fifteen teachers with the possibility of hiring another. There wouldn’t be much expense in opening another school room as the Fire Brigade would be vacating a room in the old school house. The school board was over budget for that year because the end of the school year was extended until July 31 st. The teachers for that year were: W.W. Torey; J.A. Purdy, Miss Naomi Peppard; M.A. Grant; Louise Proctor, J.R. Fail; E.M. Hunter; A.J. McCart; L.B. Moore; A.M. Logan; Miss LeEtta Peppard; J.B. Peers; Ida McLean; Jessie Carmichael, Mrs. Lou Ella Logan; Priscilla Oxley; Sarah Swift; and Lydia Simpson.

In that year W.W. Torey received a salary of $712. this included a government grant, while J.A. Purdy received $410. with no government grant. The rest of the teachers received from $37.50 the lowest to $190. being the highest.

In the Streets Report by Mr. McNutt stated that the sewers that time were made of plank flumes and so much of the budget went to the buying of wood. At that time they talked about experimenting, on a small scale, with using clay sewer pipes but no action was taken on this. The superintend George Horton was paid $6.00 for fixing the plank sewer on Main Street and superintending it while G.S. McNutt received $ 160. for 114 5-14 days at $1.40 per day. Team work was paid at $1.00 a day. The town paid a total of $332.35 to John W. Hunter, A.G. Purdy, Esq., G.S. McNutt, (who got it from W. Mattinson) and Richard Brundage for supplying lumber.

During the year the town paid out $618.40 to the poor of the town and another $323.32 for temporary relief of some of the town for such things as medical attendance for a member of the family and sickness and burial, etc.

J.W. Wilson was Chairman of the Police Commission reported that the amount of $116.88 which was received in fines and fees was due to the more rigid administrating of the law than there being more lawlessness. The town policeman, R. McAulay received a yearly salary of $521.00 Joseph Price, who boarded the prisoners was paid $38.75, was also the pound keeper and was paid $4.00 for this service. Dr. Cove was paid $3.00 for medical attendance to prisoners. Here are a few repairs and supplies that had to be paid:

Coal for the Courthouse -$4.50; B.N. Mattinson, new door for courthouse - $2.50; W.E. Heffernan, one mattress - $4.50; J. Wilson, one quilt - $1.40; H.A.B. Glendenning, horse hire - $18.35; also T.B. Ryan , horse hire – $1.90 while A. Wheaton was paid $1.50

It is interesting to note that as early as 1893 the people of Springhill were paying a dog tax. The town collected $105 that year with approx. $50.00 still to be collected.

The property taxes uncollected in 1893 were $550.

The Auditors for the report were I.G. Phelan and L.B. Donkin.