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April 6th, 2016

Aug. 10, 1944Springhill RecordMiss Scott Congratulated 

    It is very gratifying to learn from time to time that the Record is receiving the attention of critical minds. A letter was received this week by Miss Scott from the French Information Service at Ottawa, very kindly offering to send material written by French war correspondents, etc.  We Quote:

  1. Dear Miss Scott,

  2. In our clipping service we received a copy of your review of the war fronts of July 6.  We were particularly interested in your remarks about the Fighting French and General De Gaulle, and thought you might be interested to receive material directly from us from time to time …….May we congratulate you on your article of July 6.

    Other letters have been received at various times in appreciation of the BIS editorials, notably the Polish Legation at Ottawa, Red Cross Headquarters, Canadian Legion (Ontario) etc. all of which is most encouraging.

Aug. 17, 1944 Paratrooper Tells Story

    Canadian Paratrooper, Pte. Lawrence Henwood, of Springhill, N.S. who landed in a tree told his story:

  1.     “When I got clear of my parachute in the tree I hurt my ankle, but it didn’t feel bad at the time.  I met Major Wilkins, the Company Commander, on the road to the rendezvous, and helped him pull two jeeps out of a wrecked British glider.  I was carrying two entrenching shovels and the Major asked me to throw them away if I couldn’t stop rattling them.  I don’t think I was that scared.  The Major and I were the first in the assembly spot.  I was with the force that cleaned out the German occupied village.  I helped to defend a house our section was ordered to hold at any cost.

  2.     “On the sixth day after landing I was hit behind the ear with a piece of mortar shell.  The splinter took half my ear off and I couldn’t hear anymore.  I don’t know if this is true or not, but I was told that the Canadians I was with landed in the midst of an anti-airborne invasion between a lot of conscripted German troops.  I did see a lot of enemy dead strewn along the roads and ditches and in the orchard where the fiercest hand to hand struggles took place.  The German killed were piled in heaps.  During the fighting among the apple trees I saw my Company Sergeant-Major G. Embree running about collecting German machine guns and small arms to re-equip the men who had lost their things on the way down.  

  3.     “The Sergeant-Major, without regard for his safety, went coolly from fighting group to fighting group shouting words of encouragement and putting his oar in whenever possible.  He was hit by a chunk of shrapnel in the stomach, but pleaded to carry on until he lapsed into unconsciousness.  I ate my first meal after three days of continuous fighting when seaborne commandoes broke into our positions.”

Aug. 24, 1944Injured By Motorcycle

    A bad accident occurred last evening as the crowd was leaving the ball field at the end of the game.  Mrs. Fred Light (Ida Perrin) watching an approaching car was struck by a motorcycle driven by John C. Winters of Southampton.  She was thrown a distance of several feet and in falling struck the back of her head.  She was rushed to All Saints Hospital and, according to the report this morning, is suffering from concussion.  

    The accident was investigated by Officer Bonnyman.  In the opinion of the witnesses no blame can be attached to the driver.  No official decision has been given so far.

Stolen Jeep Crashes

    Springhill Aug. 18:  A soldier giving his home address as Saint John appeared in Police Court this morning charged with operating a motor vehicle without a license and was remanded until Sept. 1.  He is alleged to have stolen the jeep which was wrecked just within the town limits.  The machine struck a bridge and the operator was thrown clear while the jeep went into the ditch.  He was lucky enough to escape without injury and he continued to walk towards Springhill Junction – five miles away.

    When near the Junction his luck changed for two military police were driving towards Springhill and decided to stop the soldier and ask for his pass.  He could not produce any so was locked in jail here.

    Following the trial this morning, he was handed over to Military Police.  Damage to jeep was estimated at $400.00.


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