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March 5th, 2014

Nov. 10, 1938 Springhill Record Council Over-Rules Davidson

     On Friday evening the Town Council met in regular session, when, after three weeks of bickering and futile arguments, the Mayor was finally overruled and the blanket cheque question settled.

Fairbanks gives Decision – The meeting opened with Councillor Wilson being the only one absent.  Minutes were read and approved and various correspondence placed before the meeting, among them was a letter from the Attorney-General’s Department which stated that the Department would not act as a Court of Appeal from a Town Solicitor’s opinion.  A letter was then read from Town Solicitor James Fairbanks, in which he gave his opinion on whether it is proper according to Town By-Laws, to pay Town employees with a blanket cheque, after each individual had signed the payroll; or weather each employee should be paid with a separate cheque which had been the Mayor’s contention. 

     According to a hard and fast interpretation of one law, said Mr. Fairbanks later, in answer to a question it might be said that each employee should be paid with an individual cheque, although another by-law would lead one to believe that a blanket cheque would be legal too.  In plain words, said the Solicitor, either way would be correct; it is best to follow general practice, a try not to follow too strict a rule. 

     Councillor Noiles then asked if he had written the Solicitor General’s Department.  On being answered “negative” Noiles felt the town was getting “No Service.”  “I was not obligated to write the Department” said the Solicitor “There is my opinion.  I can get my advice where I please.  The Council must pass a motion that I be asked to write the Attorney General for an opinion.”  Noiles made a motion to this effect, but nobody seconded it.

Mayor OverruledCouncillor Fowler felt they should get the Council’s opinion in the matter, and asked the Mayor if he would agree to it.  “I’ll have to” said the Mayor and then asked the Solicitor if he had received a letter from the Attorney General’s Department.  “That’s my own business” answered Mr. Fairbanks which ended the cross-examination.  Councillor Fowler then arose to move to uphold the decision of the Solicitor and carry on town business the same as formally, which Councillor Rector seconded.  The Mayor then went into his usual song and dance, refusing to put the motion and trying to avoid the issue in a childish manner.  Councillor Noiles commented “this is all Tommyrot and waste of time” and then added “All big businesses like the Banks and the Coal Company pay employees with a blanket cheque, that way should be good enough for us.  You told us you would abide by the decision of the Council in this matter, and now inside of five minutes you have changed your mind.”  Again the Mayor and several Councillors became embroiled in dispute until Councillor Rector asked Councillor Fowler, the Deputy Mayor, if he would sign the cheques if the motion went through.  Councillor Fowler agreed.  “Then you put the motion,” said Rector, which Fowler proceeded to do.  It passed unanimously and bringing to an end a full hour of bickering and squabbling of school-boy caliber.

Oct. 27, 1938Springhill Record - Take over Management

This week The Record takes pleasure in drawing your attention to an advertisement on page seven over the signature of “Louis Saffron.”  Louis, who for some thirteen years was employed with Morris Saffron, has now taken over the management of N. Heinish’s store in the Murray block and will carry on that business.  His promotion to this responsible position will be a source of pleasure to his host of friends who will join in wishing him every success.  Louis has been in Montreal for the past week with Mr. Heinish, purchasing new stock for the store, news of which will be brought to our readers through the advertising columns of the Record each week.  Today we commend this advertisement to your attention.

Another Drop

     On page two of this issue Harry Fox announces another reduction in the price of bread to 9 cents, “None Better East of Montreal” says Harry – and thousands of people here use nothing else.  Buy the home product and help grow local business.

Nov. 3, 1938Hit-and-Run Driver Active

     The Junction Road was the scene of a serious accident Saturday night about 9:30 when a car struck Arthur Hunter breaking his leg and causing other injuries to his head, arm and back.  The car failed to stop after the accident and Mr. Hunter was discovered by Mrs. Dos. McAloney and a friend who secured the services of Dan O’Rourke and rushed the injured man to the hospital. 

     A Buick car has been connected with the accident by the local police.  Chief Mont told the Record yesterday that the investigating was continuing and an arrest might be made within a few days.