The Heritage Corner, Springhill Record

Oct. 4, 2006

Oct. 4, 2006- Street By-Laws Continued

12. No person shall post, stick, stamp or affix any bill, poster, notice or advertisement to any pole without consent. Failure to get consent will pay a penalty of no more than five dollars or in default imprisonment of up to twenty days.

13. No person shall use barbed wire in the construction of a fence along any street. The penalty would be a maximum ten dollars or imprisonment for no more than thirty days.

14. No person shall cart, carry or transport any dirt, manure, rubbish, garbage or any loose fluids or semi fluid material across or over any public street in such a way as the load may or shall spill or be scattered on any street. The penalty for this would be up to twenty dollars or sixty days.

15. All steps, doorsteps, porches, fences, platforms, railings or other erections projecting into the street shall be removed by the Street Committee ten days after the owner has been notified. The owner shall pay a penalty of fifty dollars and cost or failure to pay imprisoned for a maximum of sixty days.

16. No person shall distribute any paper, handbill, dodgers or other paper or advertisement, by scattering, dropping or throwing same into the streets of town, nor, shall any person sweep, throw or deposit any paper, shaving, dirt, waste material, garbage or rubbish on any streets of the town nor place on them any tacks, nails or glass. The penalty for such an act from one to ten dollars or imprisoned for a maximum of thirty days.

17. No person shall ride or drive any horse, carriage, cart, wagon or any other vehicle driven by horse, or any bicycle, tricycle, motor cycle or automobile and any other vehicle not drawn by horses on any sidewalks of town. The penalty of one dollar to a maximum of ten dollars and in default up to thirty days imprisonment.

18. No person taking horses or cattle through town shall permit the same to go loose or be upon any sidewalk. They shall be led with a rope or halter (except in the case of drovers in charge of herds of cattle where the cattle need not be led but must be kept clear of the sidewalks and be in charge of a competent person or persons who will be held responsible for any act or injury committed by the cattle). Any one convicted of breach of this section shall be fined from one dollar to a maximum of ten dollars or imprisoned up to ten days.

19. The portions of the town which the occupiers, owners or persons in charge of houses, stores, lots and pieces of land shall be bound after every fall of snow, to clear the snow from the sidewalks and gutters of their respective premise as provided in Section 196, of Town’s Incorporation Act, Revised Statutes 1900, shall be both sides of Main Street from Lisgar Street to Wolsley Street.

Bicycles and Automobiles: Any person making use of bicycles, tricycles, motor cycles, automobiles or other vehicles of that nature, not driven by horses, shall not be allowed to ride them on, in or upon the streets, lanes, squares or highways unless they comply with the following conditions.
(a) Not to ride or drive faster than 8 miles per hour.
(b) To have an alarm bell or horn, which is to be properly adapted for use and held by the rider to be rung or sound when approaching any street corner or when passing another person on the street and the vehicle is to have a lantern attached and kept lighted between dusk in the evening and morning dawn when such vehicles are being ridden.
(c) Not to ride or drive faster than a horse walk at intersections of streets, or when turning from one street to another.
(d) Every rider must have full control of the vehicle through the pedals, handle bars, steering wheels or brakes.
(e) No bicycle, tricycle, motor cycle, automobile or other vehicles not drawn by a horse can be driven on any sidewalks of the town and riders or drivers must go right or left as is the custom. No one under the age of 16 years is allowed to operate any automobile, motor drawn vehicle of the nature in any of the streets or thoroughfares of the town.

Sec. 2 No person or persons is allowed to engage in racing or scorching on any streets in the Town of Springhill.

Sec. 3 Any person offending any of the above rules shall be fined no less than one dollar or no more than ten dollars and in default of payment to imprisonment of a period not exceeding thirty days.