The Heritage Corner, Springhill Record

November 30th, 2011

Businesses in Springhill 1947-1949

The following is a list of businesses that were in Springhill in 1947.  The list may not be complete as they were taken from a 1947 Telephone Directory.  How many of these businesses do you remember?

S. Abraham, Grocery, Church St.; Acadia Construction Co. Ltd, Gravel Pit, Springhill Jct.; Agnew Surpass Shoe Store Ltd., Main St; John Alick, General Store, Elgin; Al’s Taxi, Main St.; Atlantic Wholesalers (Eastern Ltd., Main; Ralph Bernick’s Ladies Wear, Main; Audrey Best Clothing, Main; Herbert Boss Trucking, Jct. Rd.; A.H. Brown, Funeral Service, Main; Brownee Beauty Shoppe, Victoria; Cameron Electric, Main; Canadian Bank of Commerce, Main; Canadian National Express, Springhill Jct.; Canadian National Railway, Springhill Jct.; Canadian National Telegraph, Springhill Jct.; Capital Theatre, Main; Carleton Hotel, Victoria; Claude W. Carter, Ford Dealership, Junction Rd., Chapman’s Taxi, Victoria; Clark & Williams, Woodworkers, Athol Rd.; Dr. J. F. Comeau, Dentist, Hospital St.; Mina Condy, Beauty Shop, Athol Rd.; Cumb. Railway & Coal Co.; Dawson’s Pool Room, Jct. Rd.; Deluxe Radio Service, Main; James Demetre, Confectionary, Main; Dickson Bros. Dance Hall, Valley Rd.; Eaton’s Order Office, Main; Edison Electric Light Co., Main; Employment & Select Services, Main; J.O. Fairbanks, Barrister, Main; Angus Ferguson, Grocer, Victoria; Fred Fisher Clothing, Main; Fisher’s Market, Main; Fox’s Bakery, Maple; Stewart Fraser, Grocery, Church; Wallace Gilroy Grocery, McGee; G.L. Glendenning, Pontiac Dealer, Pioneer; Fred Gough, Grocery, Herrett Rd.; Graven’s Service Station, Main; A.E. Harris, Optometrist, Main; Hatton’s Taxi, Main; L.B. Herrett, Grocery, Main; Margaret Hunt Stationary, Main; Hunter’s Bakery, Main; Hyatt’s Hardware, Main; Hyatt’s Restaurant, Main; Ideal Dry Cleaners, Main; Arthur Jardine, Lunch Counter, Main; Jewkes Bros. Grocery, Herrett Rd.; O.C. Layton, Tinsmith, Main; Letcher Bros. Grocery, Miller Corner; Rhodes Letcher, Auto Dealership, Athol Rd.; Letcher’s Garage, Auto Dealer, Main; Allan Livingston, Trucking, Queen; Livingston Bros. Trucking, Elm; McKay’s Taxi, Queen; Geo. McPherson & Co., General Store, Main; Maritime Tel. & Tel., Main; M.k. Mills, Grocery, Main; V.R. Mills, Grocery, Main; Fred Moore, Chrysler Dealer, Lisgar; Charles Murray, Men’s Wear, Main; Nelson’s Dry Cleaners, Jct. Rd.; Newman Bros., Meat & Groceries, Main; N.S. Liquor Commission, Main; Pazce’s Beauty Parlor, Main; Perrin’s Service Station, Valley Rd.; C.R. Price, Radio Service, Main; Rector’s Garage, Hospital St.; Reid’s Confectionary, Main; Rex Café, Main; Hibbert Rolfe, Grocery, Main; Leander Rolfe Trucking, McGee; The Rollways, Church; S.G. Russell Store, Main; Russell’s Barbershop, Junction Rd.; Donald H. Ryan, Building Supplies, Elgin; Louis Saffron, Ladies Wear, Main; Morris Saffron, Furniture, Main; Sears Transfer, McGee; Selrite Store, Main; Simpson’s Order Office, Main; Leonard Smith Trucking, Cowan; Spence’s Taxi, Lorne; Springhill Auto Accessories, Main; Springhill Co-op Ltd., Main; Springhill Dairy, Chapel; Springhill Record, Main; G.A. Sproul, Dentist, Main; Douglas F. Tabor, Trucking; Terris’ Hat Shoppe, Main; H.S. Terris Insurance, Main; Veteran’s Taxi, Woolsley; Wardrope’s Drugstore, Main; Weatherbee’s Tin Shop, Main; White Spot Restaurant, Drummond; White’s Beauty Parlor, Main; Harry Wilson, Cleaning Machines, Herrett Rd.; John Wilson, General Store, Main; Wilson’s Beauty Shop, Maple.

     In 1947 there were a total of five public pay stations: All Saints Hospital, Carleton Hotel, CNR waiting room, Hyatt’s Hotel, Hyatt’s Restaurant and the Telephone Office.

Miss Geraldine Johnston was the Agent- Chief Operator.

That was also the time when there were party lines so you had to wait to see how many rings there were before you picked up your phone and you could hear the other parties picking up their receiver to listen in on your conversation.

In 1949 the following business had been added to the one that were here two years earlier:

Alick’s Confectionary, Main; Best Garage, Jct. Rd.; Bigelow Bakery, Elgin; Mrs. John Blue, Home Cooking, Herrett Rd.; Charles Brown, General Store, Black River Rd.; Clarke Bros. Grocery, Herrett Rd.; Mrs. Phil Downey, Dressmaker, Queen; Fort Beaujour Greenhouses, Main; Fuller Brown & Co., Public Accountants, Main; Hollis Bros. Garage, Lisgar; Hunter’s Store, Main; Jerry’s Taxi, Mountain Rd.; Jim’s Garage, Leamington; Rod King Garage, Springhill Jct.; Monson LeGrow Grocery, Mechanic; Le

Grow Repair Shop, Church; Harvey McCarthy, Taxi, Athol Rd.; Frederick MacLeod, Tailor, Main; Mac’s Taxi, Athol Rd.; Mack’s Studio, Main; Fred Moore, Chrysler Dealer, Main; Sigmann’s Groceries, McGee; John A. Smith, Men’s Wear, Main; Conrad Spence, Used Cars & Trucks, Lisgar; Sporting Club, Leamington; Springhill Bicycle Shop, North; Springhill Bottling Co., Herrett Rd.; Springhill Laundry, Victoria; Springhill Medical Centre, Main; Kenneth Stonehouse Grocery, North; Lloyd Tattrie, Grocery, Jct. Rd.; George Terris, Farm Machinery, Princess; Weaver Bros. Groceries & Meats; Frank Wilson Grocery, Chapel.