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November 2nd, 2016

Oct. 11, 1945Springhill Record Town Banquets Nearly 200 Returned Men

     Nearly two hundred returned men were welcomed home by the citizens of Springhill at a banquet given in the Armouries Wednesday evening.  Mayor A.J. Mason was Master of Ceremonies.  Speakers for the occasion were Mayor Mason, Rev. W.M. Knickle, Lieut. Doug Johnson, Lt.-Col. C.J. Allbon, M.C. Arthur Canning, Zone Commander of the Canadian Legion and Deputy Mayor Wm. Noiles, who thanked Hyatt’s who catered for the banquet and assisted Mrs. A.J. Mason.

Observe Silence

     After the gathering, had sung O Canada, one minute’s silence was observed in memory of those who would not return.  The blessing by Rev. W.M. Knickle followed and the boys sat down to a delicious chicken dinner with all the fixings. 

Official Welcome

     After calling for a toast “to the King” His Worship the Mayor extended an official welcome to the boys on behalf of the town.  He spoke of the years they were away and the changes that had taken place in their lives.  Of the courage and resourcefulness, they had displayed on the field of battle and the pride of the citizens in their victory.

     Rev. Knickle, guest speaker for the evening, extended a welcome to the boys and expressed his pleasure in seeing them home again.  After recalling some experiences of the last war in which he had taken part, Rev. Knickle hoped they could now live in peace.

Speak for Armed Forces

     Following the guest speaker, Lieut. Douglas Johnson thanked the town for the splendid welcome given the returned men.  He expressed the pride of the servicemen in the manner in which those at home had carried on during the last five years; how they had gone over the top in every Victory Loan; the pleasure the men had enjoyed through the Tobacco Fund which had been carried out by the town and various organizations and he felt the town had played its part well during the war.

Distribute Certificates

     Certificates prepared by the town were distributed to those present by the Mayor, Town Clerk and Town Council.

Other Speakers

     Among other speakers were Lt.- Col. C.J. Allbon, representing the North Nova Scotia Highlander Reserve Battalion and Arthur Canning, Zone Commander for the Canadian Legion.  A toast to the ladies was proposed by Deputy Mayor Wm. Noiles and heartily responded to by the men. 

Entertainment Good

     Mrs. Clara Richie had charge of the entertainment and presided at the piano.  Assisting Mrs. Richie were Mrs. Jack Gillis, who gave a reading which was well received by the gathering and a dancing team of youngsters.  Yvonne Cormier and Shirley Walsh of Amherst.

No Meat

Since all the stores stopped sellin’ meat

Most people don’t know what to eat.

Meat is, we find beyond a doubt,

A thing that’s hard to do without.

No matter what one eats instead

You’re hungry when you hit your bed.

It seems that nothing with you stays;

Tough sleddin’ are these meatless days.

When you are workin’ in a mine,

And land back home at supper time,

You find that nothin’ gives relief,

From hunger like a side of beef.

A leg of lamb will bring delight,

When you’ve a real keen appetite.

And nice big slabs of pork or veal

Will also make a tasty meal.

But now one must sit down to beans

A bowl of soup or canned sardines.

Such things we daily have to greet

Since all the stores stopped sellin’ meat.

The boarders in a boardin’ house

Are peeved and kickin’ up a touse.

The boardin’ Missus in despair

Is almost tearin’ out her hair.

The dogs they howl in mournful tones

They simply can’t find any bones.

If we had bones upon our shelves

We’d have to gnaw at them ourselves.

A bone would really be a treat

Since all the stores stopped sellin’ meat.

A lot of folks with hens and cocks

Are busy buying extra locks.

Those birds are apt to disappear,

Now that these meatless days are here.

And everybody wonders when

We’ll really start to eat again.

They’ll have the people off their feet

Unless they soon start selling meat.



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