The Heritage Corner, Springhill Record

Sept. 27, 2006

Sept. 27, 2006 – Street By-Laws 1908

Here are the By-Laws and Ordinances for the Streets, Squares, Lanes, Highways and Throughways of the Town of Springhill as set down in 1908.

1. They shall be under the care, supervision and direction of the Committee of Streets.

2. The Town Council may contract at any time with any persons, company or corporation for the efficient lighting of the streets.

3. No one may set up any electric light, telephone or telegraph pole or poles without the permission of the Town Council. If put up without permission they will be fined no more than ten dollars or if they fail to pay spend no more than thirty days in the County Gaol for each offence.

4. Owners or occupiers may not allow water to pour, fall or drip from the roof or eaves of the building unto the sidewalk. The penalty not to exceed five dollars or failure to pay, imprisonment for no more than ten days.

5. All gates opening upon the sidewalks or footpaths of the town must be constructed so that they do not swing out unto the sidewalk. The fine for this offence will not exceed ten dollars or imprisonment for not more than ten days for every day the offense occurs.

6. No person shall erect any awning, sign post, hanging, swinging or projecting sign which extends over the street or sidewalk unless the plan is first submitted and approved by the Committee of Streets. No awning shall be any less than 7 feet in height from its lowest edge over the sidewalk over which it is suspended.

7. If any person erects a sign or post or awning without first getting permission to do so, refuses or neglects to remove the same after 14 days notice, the Chairman of the Committee may have the sign removed and any person impeding him or a town employee shall be liable to a fine not to exceed fifty dollars, to be recovered for the use of the town before the Stipendiary Magistrate or other party presiding at the Police Court and upon non payment of fine, maybe imprisoned in the county gaol or lock up of the town for a term not exceeding sixty days.

8. No person may put up any encumbrance in or upon any of the streets or sidewalks, without permission, where the citizens are prevented from the free and uninterrupted use of the same. Anyone who offends against this by-law may pay a penalty not exceeding fifty dollars or failure to pay be imprisoned for up to sixty days.

9. No person shall dig up or make any excavation upon any of the streets or sidewalks without permission from the Committee. In offense of this by-law is a penalty of a maximum of ten dollars or in default of payment imprisonment for a maximum of thirty days.

10. No horse, team, wagon or vehicle of any kind drawn by horses or automobile is to obstruct the free passage of citizens on the sidewalks or streets or intersections. No horse is to be left unattended and can only be fed with the use of a nosebag. The penalty no more than five dollars or in default the maximum of ten days.

11. No person shall post or exhibit any indecent or immoral placards, writings, or pictures or shall put on exhibit any picture of the human form in a nude or semi nude state or in what is known as “tights” or shall perform any indecent immoral or lewd play or other representation, or show or exhibit any immoral, suggestive or lewd moving pictures or sing any immoral song at any play, show or other representation in the Town of Springhill or offer for sale or distribution or exhibit to public view any profane, indecent or obscene book, print, paper, postcard, drawings, painting or representation in any part of the town, nor sing any profane or obscene song or ballad on any street of town. Any offender will be taken into custody and pay a penalty no more than twenty dollars or in default imprisonment for up to thirty days.