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November 23rd, 2016

Nov. 8, 1945Springhill Record

To Purchase New Equipment; To Prosecute By-Law Violators

By C.J. Allbon

     It was 11.45 when the Town Council rose Monday evening after making a number of important decisions among which were the following:

  1. 1.To purchase new road equipment valued at some $11,600, less trade-in value of present tractor

  2. 2.To prosecute those who have failed to secure building permits in accordance with the Town’s By-Laws

  3. 3.To change the by-laws in conformity with the Town’s Incorporation Act relative to the appointment of one or more assessors

  4. 4.To fight the case of those on Mountain Road who refuse to pay their 1943 taxes, and lay claim to cost in the action

  5. 5.To switch the Police Force so that there will be two on nightshift instead of dayshift.  Size of force to remain as it is.

  6. 6.To point out to Canadian Legion that the Council is in favor of appointing Returned Men to town vacancies when factors involved are equal or near equal

  7. 7.To call a special meeting to deal with a letter received from All Saints Hospital informing the town that the present hospital will cease to function as a hospital in 1948

  8. 8.To entertain the Maritime Senior Champions and the Nova Scotia Junior Champions and make suitable presentations to the members and the teams

Consider New Tractor and Equipment

     While it was the last item on the agenda and necessitated the Council re-opening after 11 p.m., the consideration of new equipment occupied the attention of the Council until 11:45 Monday evening.  Representatives of Wm. Stairs, Son and Morrow were in attendance and presented information relative to the Caterpillar No. 12 which they were offering to the Town.

     After considerable discussion the Council moved to place an order for this equipment with the reservation that the two parties can come to terms with the trade-in value of the present equipment.

Support Water Committee

     Dealing with the collection of water rates, the Council instructed the Committee to adhere to the water By-laws in respect to the discontinuance of service to those who are in arrears.  It is evident the Town is going to collect water rates or else….

Will Prosecute Offenders

     Councillor Bell informed the Council there were many who refused to secure permits before starting repairs on buildings.  Some he said, have challenged the Town to do anything about it.  He wanted to know what the Town was going to do to about enforcing the by-law.  Councillor Bell also suggested the offenders be given ten days to secure their  through the local press and the only course now was to have a check throughout the town and charges laid against the offenders without further delay.  This action is to be taken.

The Assessor

     The Council will seek a change in the Town By-law covering the appointment of one or more assessors in accordance with the Town’s Incorporation Act.

Switch Police Force

     The Council concurred with the Police Committee in changing the working hours of the Police Force.  Instead of two officers on the dayshift the Chief will be expected to handle police duties, tax collection and truant officers work.  He will be on duty from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.  He will be relieved by an officer at 6 p.m. who will stay until 4 a.m. while another officer will be on duty from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m.

     In suggesting this change, Councillor Dewar, Chairman of the Police Committee, pointed out there were four times as many arrest on the night shift as there were on the day shift.  He also suggested the need of a car for the day man so that he could cover the whole town, but no action was taken on this suggestion.

     Councillor Dewar also complained about the amount of money going to the Government in fines, pointing out that of the $175.00 in fines levied recently, $90 went to the Government.

     Councillors Roach and Agnes McKay were against making any changes to the policemen’s hours, but the motion was carried.

     The Chairman also pointed out that a red light had been installed in front of Ryan’s store as a signal light for the police at night when they are wanted.

     The last of this Town meeting will be continued next week.


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