The Heritage Corner, Springhill Record

December 21st, 2011

Christmas Displays in 1899

December 29, 1898 – Springhill News and Advertiser Christmas Display

     The Christmas decorations last week excelled anything ever seen here before; all the leading stores had their windows ablaze and dazzling.  The most striking were in the following stores; John Wilson’s, A.E. Fraser, Cole’s, Simon Fraser’s, Shenton’s and M. McPherson’s.

     Wilson’s prettiest window consisted of a background representing the inside of a grocery store, inside this was a miniature counter with a clerk behind who kept moving backward and forward while Santa Claus in front was purchasing goods from him and occasionally turning his face toward the window.

     A.E. Fraser’s best window displayed a child’s bedroom with old St. Nicholas just coming out of the fireplace on his hands and knees hauled down the Christmas goods, while the little girl was asleep in her crib.  This window was an exact illustration of all the stories of Santa’s invasions.

     Cole’s window represented Santa’s Headquarters in which he had a pair of deer attached to a sleigh laden with goods, while Santa himself was behind them on one knee, reading a letter from one of his little friends, asking him for a suit of Cole’s Clothing.  This window was the children’s favorite and showed no lack of taste.

     Simon Fraser’s window was decorated with beautiful paper trimming of various hues and the prettiest and fanciest articles in his shop, which made a very attractive show.

     Shenton had his window arranged in a novel manner, representing a marriage ceremony; the bride and groom were standing before the Minister dressed in his surplice, while the bridesmaid and groomsman were in attendance and the invited guest were gathered around, the whole thing making a pretty window.

     McPherson’s window was a grand display of holiday goods which aroused everybody’s Xmas enthusiasm at the first glance.

     In all the variety and taste of decorations was very attractive and deserving of credit.

Local Notes

     Who stole the Worchester Sauce?  The party is well known.

     The Kindergarten and Private School of the Parish Hall reopen next Tuesday morning, January 3 at 9 o’clock.

     Dr. Hayes’ medical practice has increased to such an extent that he has found it necessary to invest in a driving outfit.  The horse and gig that formally carried Dr. Smith on his rounds will in future carry Dr. Hayes to his numerous patients. As will be learned by referring to his professional card in another column, Dr. Hayes has established a branch office at Port Greville, his office hours for that place being from 2 to 3 p.m. every Monday.  Parrsboro Leader

Jan. 4, 1899 – Local Notes

     Since George McKenzie sharpened my bread knife I can cut bread so thin that you cannot see it with the naked eye.  Mrs. Doughmaker

     Frank Heffernan displayed quite a large degree of business ability in the prompt and satisfactory manner in which he disposed of the Cameron stock.  We suppose he would not refuse another chance of a similar kind to entertain the public.

     James T. Crawford has purchased the boot, shoe and harness business of Houston and Terris and will carry it on in the same stand.  He is now in a position to offer big bargains to parties wishing to purchase anything in the above lines.

     The children of the Junction had a splendid Christmas tree and Tea last Thursday.  The tree and its presents were provided by the Rector of All Saints Church.  During the evening proceedings a substantial sum of money was presented to the Rev. Mr. Wilson.