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May 20th, 2015

May 7, 1942  Springhill Record

    – Auditor Paints Gloomy Picture of Springhill’s Financial Situation

By Russell Newman

The Town Council met Friday evening in a very quiet session with Mayor A.B. Wilson presiding and Councillors Noiles, Shields, Carde, R. McKay, Terris and A. McKay in attendance. 

Auditor’s Report Read

     Highlighting the evening was the Auditor’s report read by the Town Clerk.  It was moved that 300 copies of this report be printed and distributed. 

     In his report the Auditor said

  1. “Generally it cannot be said that 1941 was a successful year in the financial administration of the town.  Outstanding taxes for the fourth year in succession have increased.  A comparative picture of taxes receivable is:

  2. 1938 ……………………..$57,082.78

  3. 1939 ……………………..$59,871.74

  4. 1940 ……………………..$61,484.08

  5. 1941 ……………………..$64,790.64

  6. “The general deficit for the year was $5,313.77.  The operating surplus in the Water Department, after provisions for sinking funds and interest was $2,319.78 leaving a net deficit of $2,993.99.”

Telephone to Be Shifted

     His Worship the Mayor and Councillor Terris clashed over the shifting of the telephone in the Town Hall.  Councillor Terris stated that Fire Chief Lusby Rooney asked to have this telephone, which is situated in the hall, and on an extension with the Police telephone, shifted inside the fire station.  Chief Rooney explained that owing to the blackouts and the reports which came in after a blackout has been held, the Chief of Police and Fire Chief could not get their reports at the same time.  A vote was taken on the question and resulted in a tie vote with the Mayor saying he refused to vote to have this telephone shifted.  This started the argument which resulted in Councillor Terris leaving the meeting to bring the Fire Chief in to tell the Mayor that he wanted the telephone moved.  It was finally moved that Mr. Rooney’s request be granted.

To Pay Town $180.00

     Reporting for the Street Department, Councillor Terris stated that he had been talking to E.B. Paul, Superintendent of Cumberland Railway and Coal Company, and that Mr. Paul was in favor of paying the Street Department $180.00 for damages done on Cowans Street.  It was moved that this be accepted.  Another note of interest to the Street Department was a bill tendered for $287.00 for the repairing of the tractor.  As Councillor Noiles stated “We are just throwing good money away.”

     The Councillor received a letter from the Town Solicitor, James O. Fairbanks, which stated that as he was signing up in the Armed Forces would the Town Council hold his position for him until he returned.  It was moved that no successor be appointed, but a lawyer would be hired only for the time he was needed for a case. 

Tax Arrears Ridiculous

Speaking on the tax arrears, Councillor Noiles stated that this situation was “ridiculous.”  “Some people who are three or four hundred dollars in arrears, drive big cars and have cottages at the beach. This is one thing that should be remedied.  Do what we did on the Water arrears, ‘use the wrench’, ‘in this case, put the Properties up for sale’.”

     It was introduced at the meeting Friday evening that the Street Department get some other material for the repairing of streets as red ashes cannot be procured at all and black ashes are getting scarce.  It was suggested that a Committee go to Antigonish and investigate the material that is being used on their streets.  After some debating, the matter was dropped entirely. 

     Bringing up the question of the Fire Chief’s car being smashed up in an accident at short time ago while on the way to a fire, some of the Councillors felt that the Town should insure Mr. Rooney’s car for him.  A question ensued as to whether Mr. Rooney had the right of way when he used the siren on his car when going to a fire.  It was decided to leave this in the hands of the Police Committee to look up the laws regarding such a situation and then report back to the Council.

     The Canadian Legion complained that junk dealers were coming into town and collecting salvage which should go to the Salvage Committee.  This was left in the hands of the Chairman of Police and By Laws to investigate.

Dogs Still Not Tied Up

     Councillor Noiles, speaking on the dog nuisance, stated that it was plain to be seen that all dogs were not tied up.  It was moved that the Police Committee look after this and instruct the Police to enforce the law.

     Superintendent of Streets and Water, Dan Davis, appealed to the Council for the installation of a water fountain at the bandstand.  Mr. Davis thought this would be an added improvement and also enable them to provide water for the newly planted trees.  The matter was dropped entirely by the Council.

     With no further business on hand, it was moved to adjourn.  


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