The Heritage Corner, Springhill Record

February 20, 2008

Feb. 20, 2008 - Nicknames

Springhillers, like other small towns, have always been known for the use of nicknames. Who remembers the verse: Look who’s coming for goodness sake, “Screech’s” uncle “Took’n Take. Or “Giddy Giddy Gout” with his shirttail out.

Here are some of the nicknames used it Springhill over the years. How many can you remember? A.B., A.J., Ace, Ackie, Apie, Babe, Bam, Barnacle Bill, Barney, Bart, Baseball Bob, Batch, Battler, Bean Crock, Beanie, Bear, Bearpaw, Bert, Beaver, Beazley, Beebon, Beef, Big Bill, Big, Dan, Big Jim, Big Lil, Big Rory, Billy, Bimbo, Black Rory, Blackie, Blind Baby, Blister, Blondie, Blueberry, Blueberry Jim, Bodie, Bones, Bonnie, Boob, Booger, Boogie Brown, Booie, Boots, Bowsie, Bowtie, Bram, Brandy Face, Brick, Broadway, Brownie, Brud, Bubber, Bubbles, Bub, Budmore, Bulldog, Bumper, Bumpy, Bunny, Bus, Bush, Bussy, Buster, Butch, Buttermilk Twins, Butternut, Butternut Bill, Buz, Cad, Caddie, Calgary, Cantor, Casey, Cash, Cat, Chadmouth, Cheerful, Cheesie, Chewy, Chick, Chicken, Chicky, Chipper, Chippie, Chirp, Chookie, Chosie, Chubbie, Chummy, Circus Bill, Clam Digger, Clinker, Coal Haulin’, Coby, Cock Eye, Coconut, Con the Barber, Cookie, Coon, Coopie, Copie, Copper, Cork, Corkie, Cornie, Coshie, Cow, Covey, Crip, Curly, Custard, Cy, D.M., Da, Dago, Dancin’ Dan, Deak, Deals, Decker, DeeDee, Deed, Deenie, Dennie, Devil, Dibbie, Dicker, Did, Diddie, Diddlie Buck, Diddler, Dido, Dillie, Dimp, Ding, Dingie, Dingle, Dink, Dinty, Dippie, Ditch, Ditters, Dixie, Do, Doaky, Dobbie, Doc, DoDo, Doe, Doggie, Dog Rory, Doll, Dolly, Donald Duck, Donkey, Doosie, Dougal, doughnut, Dreamer, Duck, Ducker, Duke, Drummer, Dusty, Dutchie, Edgar the Great, Eggy, Elbows, Farmer, Fat, Fats, Feed, Feed’um, Ferbie, Fibber, Fiddler, Firpo, Fish, Flash, Fluff, Foxy, Frank the foreigner, Fred, Frenchie, Froggie, Fubbie, Furbow, Gabby, Gangster, Garry O, Gerry, Ghost, Gib, Giddie Gout, Gigs, G.I. Joe, Ginger, Gingle, Gink, Girly, GoGo, Goat, Goldie, Golf, Gooch, Goober, Goosey, Grafty, Gramp, Grizz, Grumble, Grunt, Gull, Gump, Gumps, Gunner, Guppy, Gus, Ham, Hank, Happy, Hat, Hawk, Heavy End, High Pockets, Ho Hum, Hodgie, Hog, Honey, Hoofer, Hoot, Hubba, Hubbie, Huck, Hump, Humpback, Hungry Jack, Hunkie, Hurk, Ike, Indian Jim, Indian, Jack the Growler, Jake,

Jasper, Jeep, Jig Wheel, Jiggs, Jimbo, Joe Joe, Johnnie Baker, Joke, Judd, Juddy, Jungle Jim, Junk Yard Dog, Jitters, Junior, Katt, Kelly, Kerm, Kid, Kip, Kit, Kitten, Kitty from Cork, Konk, Kricket, Lardcan, Laz, Lefty, Lemon Legs, Lightning, Linky, Little Jeep, Little Lightfoot, Little Angus McKay, Little Rory, Lolly, Lonepine, Lucky, Lugs, Luke, Lulu, Luthrop the Mouse, Luzzie, Mac, Magic, Major Hoople, Mannie, Manzie, Maple Bud, Margaret Hollahan, Mickey, Midge, Mint, Mo, Moe, MoeTang, Moggie, Monk, Monkey, Monkey Dave, Moo, Moogie, Mookins, Moon, Mooney, Moose, Mort, Mountain Boy, Mouse, Mumble, Mutt, Muzzie, Nace, Nailer, Nap, Naz, Neat, Ned, Newkie, Nickie, Nickity, Niggie, Nip, Nipper, Nit, No Sock Doc, Nobby, Noddy, Noogie, Nudie, Nuffer, Nugget, O.C., Odd Job, Oddie, Old Ned, Old Fox, Old Stone Face, Open wide, Pa, Pancake, Pap, Pappy, Pard, Pat the Rat, Patch, Peaches, Pearl, Peacock, Peanut, Peck, Peemore, Pee Wee, Peg, Pep, Perk, Perky, Pesty, Pic, Pickles, Pidge, Pigeon, Piggy, Pinkie Blues, Piny, Pluckie, Plum, Pocket Rocket, Poe, Pokey, Pookie, Pop, Popeye, Poppy, Port, Portly, Pretty Boy, Prissy, Puck, Puddin, Pudding, Pudge, Puddles, Puke, Pumpie, Punky, Puss, Queenie, Rabbit, Radar, Raincoat, Rat, Rawhide, Rebound, Recat, Red, Redball, Red Rory, Reggie, Rinky Dink, Roach, Rooter, Rory the Barber, Rory the Poet, Rube, Rud, Ruddy, Rush, Rhumba, Sad, Saddler, Sailor, Sam, Sam Salt, Sandy Big Pay, Sandpup, Sassy Jack, Schemer, Schooner, Scottie, Screech, Scummy, Seagull, Shaggy, Shaky, Shang, Sharky, Shea, Sheep, Sheeptick, Shig, Shiner, Shoopie, Short, Si, Siggie, Sis, Skeese, Sketcher, Skewer, Skimp, Skinner, Skinny, Skip, Skipper, Skuf, Slip, Sloper, Smitty, Smuggler, Smuts, Snap, Snapper, Sneakerfoot, Snookie, Snorter, Snuff, So’wester, Soap, Society Dan, Sonny, Soupy, South, Spaghetti, Spark, Spiderman, Spike, Spin, Spook, Sport, Square Deal, Squaw, Squire, Squirrel, Squirm, Squirt, Stan Pop, Steamboat, Stick, Stovepipe, Studley, Stump, Sukie, Sunny Bubbles, Sut, Suz, Sweet, Swivel, Syke, Taby, Tadpole, Tailboard, Tanner, Tarpaper Jim, Tarz, Tarzan, Taz. Taylie, Teed, Teenie, Tettie, Texas, The Colonel, The Bear, The Fox, , The Mouse, The Who, Tick, Tiddler, Tiny, Tippy, Toad, Toby, Toddy, Tom Cat, Tonce, Tonsil, Toney, Toodles, Took’n Take, Tooter, Toots, Tony, Tozie, Trapper, Tree, Trouble, Trout, Truck, Tubbie, Tucker, Tuckie, Tuffy, Tumor, Turk, Turkey, Turn Around, Turnip, Tut, Tweet, Twiggy, Twinkle, Twinkle Toes, Two Feathers, Two Time, Two Ton, Wacky, Wardie, Warp, Wassie, Webb, Wheels, Wheeze, Whis, Whisty, Whoopie, Wib, Wicky, Wimbly, Wimpy, Winger, Woody, Wookie, Wort, Wubba, Yogi Master, Zeddie.

Parting Thought – A person will be just as happy as they make up their minds to be. Abraham Lincoln.