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Oct. 18, 2006

Oct. 18, 2006 - Truckers’ By-Laws 1908

Here are the By-laws for the truckers of the Town of Springhill in the year 1908.

•No person shall drive any truck, cart, sloven, sled, wagon or any kind of carriage for the transportation of goods, wares, merchandise or other things what so ever within the Town of Springhill, for hire or wages, unless he be licensed as a truckman, under a penalty of not more than five dollars for each offence, and in default of payment to imprisonment for a period not to exceed thirty days. Such license to be granted on application to the Committee on Licenses and signed by such Committee and the Town Clerk.

•Every truckman shall pay to the Town Clerk the sum of five dollars on obtaining his license, if any truckman wishes to employ any more than one single horse, he shall pay two dollars for each additional horse so employed and if the license for such additional horse is issued at a different time, it shall contain on the face of the license “additional”. Any number of teams may be included in one license, and all licenses shall expire on the first day of May in each year.

•Each truckman must have the initial of his Christian name and his last name in full, along with the number of his license printed two inches in length. On one side of his truck, cart, sloven, sled, wagon or carriage for the transportation of goods, wares or merchandise, and so continue the same, under the penalty of one dollar for every day he shall drive the same, without having his name and number so painted thereon.

•No person under the age of sixteen years shall be permitted to drive any truck, cart, sloven, sled or wagon for hire within the town, and licensed holders of every truck, cart, sloven, sled or wagon shall be answerable for the good conduct and behaviour of such driver as he may employ, and for the observance of all regulations made or to be made by the town relative to truckmen, and any driver who may be found guilty of drunkenness or other improper conduct shall by order of the Chairman on License, be dismissed by the licensee, and the license of the truck, cart, sloven, sled or wagon may be suspended or forfeited by the Chairman on Licenses, according to the nature of the offence of such driver. No driver so dismissed shall be re-engaged during the period of four weeks from the date of dismissal.

•No truckman who has his license taken away or suspended shall not drive any truck, cart, sloven, sled or wagon within the town for hire, without getting permission from the Committee on Licenses or a new license therefore.

•The rates chargeable for trucking in the town, by truckmen licensed hereunder, shall be not greater than as in Schedule “A” to this chapter.

•Any licensed truckman in the town who shall demand and receive any greater rates than those prescribed, shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding five dollars and in default of payment may be imprisoned for a period not exceeding twenty days, and for the second or any subsequent offence, shall in addition to such penalty, be liable to forfeit his license.

•Every such licensed truckman or driver in charge of any truck, cart, sloven, sled or wagon for hire shall be bound as far as he is able, on all occasions, to load and unload or assist in doing so.

•The Committee on Licenses shall, from time to time, fix and regulate the amount that shall be considered a full and regular load for a horse and truck, cart, sloven, sled or wagon, and post same in the office of the Town Clerk.

•No licensed truckman or driver shall drive his horse faster than a slow or easy trot in or through any part of the town.