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December 15, 2010

The Trial of Alfred Rose cont’d

Springhill Record Oct. 1, 1931

     Later D. Simpson stated that he was requested to perform an autopsy of the body (of Alex Rose), which he did on Monday assisted by Dr. F.E. Walsh.  An X-ray was taken of the neck which disclosed a fracture of the thyroid cartilage, there was an abrasion below the right eye and a penetrating wound about an inch above the left corner of the mouth half or three-quarters of an inch deep.  There was an abrasion of the tenth rib about four inches from the left side of the spine; another abrasion on the neck, extending vertically one inch above and two or three inches below the seventh vertebrae, extending from the fifth cervical vertebrae to the base of the skull.  The fourth cervical vertebrae was moveable when taken by the spinal vertebrae aand moved from side to side.  The disturbance was not normal and might have been caused by a blow or a fall.  The Doctor stated that paralysis was caused by the disturbance found by the autopsy.

     Charles Paris, another witness, stated that he was passing the Rose home Saturday night and upon hearing unusual noises went over to investigate.  He stated that he saw Alf seize a chair and hit his father.  He only saw the one blow.  He saw two men pick him up, then he went home.

     Elroy Tabor, a lad of thirteen years, was the next witness.  He stated that he was going to the store Saturday night when he heard noise coming from the Rose home.  He went over and saw Alf and his father fighting in the house.  Alf picked up a chair and hit his father over the neck with it.  The women in the house shut the door and put the blind back on the window.  Jack Gillis knocked at the door and went in.  He came out a few minutes later and I went to the store.  He stated that he heard Florence Rose say “Oh, you killed Dad.”

     Dr. F.E. Walsh was called to the stand and corroborated the evidence submitted by Dr. H.L. Simpson.

     Fred Willis was the last witness called.  Willis stated that he was coming up the road Saturday night about 10:30 when he saw Alex Rose, Alf Rose and Arthur McDonald through the open kitchen doorway.  “I stopped and heard Mr. Alex Rose say ‘You’re not going to run me or anyone else around here.’  The men went into the kitchen where they got into a scrap and the blind was torn down.  The door was open and I saw Alf pick up a chair, raise it over his head, then I saw Alex Rose fall.  I heard one of the girls scream.”

     The case was then turned over to the jury who were requested to bring in their verdict.

     The accused Alfred Rose, sat through the hearing evincing little interest in the proceedings.  Even the decision of the jury failed to disturb his calm appearance.  By order of the court he was confined in the jail until today when he appeared before Stipendiary Magistrate H. Lambert and was remanded.

     The case which has been the chief topic on the street for the past few days, drew a crowded courtroom, where with bated breath the people listened to the story of what happened Saturday night and the trail of misery that followed.

Springhill Record 193110 years is Rose’s Sentence

Amherst Oct. 18 – A 10 year sentence to Dorchester meted out by Mr. Justice Paten in the Supreme Court here yesterday to Alfred Rose found guilty of causing the death of his father, Alex Rose, by hitting him with a chair.

     The accused took the sentence calmly, but on leaving the Court intimated to the Crown Officers that he was not the only one involved in the tragedy. 

     Alfred Rose died Oct. 28, 1969, in Spryfield, N.S.  He was 69 years of age.