The Heritage Corner, Springhill Record

March 14th, 2013

River Philip Flood

Mar. 19, 1936 Springhill Record- Have Close Call

     Swirling flood waters of the River Philip, near Oxford, almost claimed the life of Jack Robinson, Friday noon and gave George Haystead and Jack Hannah, his companions, a thrill they won’t forget for many a day.  The boys were on their way to Oxford to repair some damage to the lines caused by the flood.  As they were entering Oxford over roads covered with several feet of water the horse turned into the path of a rushing stream that crossed the road and before the boys were aware of what had happened they found themselves off in the low marsh and Haystead managed to stay with the vehicle as the horse swam for it, Hannah regained the shore, but Robinson, unable to swim and caught in the swift current, was swept out of reach in the icy water and was heading for the main river when the current carried him close enough to the shore to secure aid.

     Willing hands assisted Robinson into the home of Mr. Thompson where he was well taken care of, while Haystead and Hannah made their way to the hotel where the furnace had been extinguished by the rising water and heat was supplied by small stoves thrown up in the emergency.  They have all recovered from their experience.

May 7, 1936 Local Boy to Describe Largest Sign

     Sunday evening between 6:30 and 7:30 (our time) over WEAF, New York, Springhill will have the opportunity of hearing one of our local boys, John Potter, of the General Outdoor Advertising Company, describe to the waiting world over a national hookup the wonders of the new million dollar sign recently erected for the William Wrigley Company, as he speaks on scene from “Old New York.”  When you compared the people on the sidewalk with the huge sign above them, you will get some idea of the magnitude of this sign which measures 200 feet long by 90 feet high.  It is the biggest electrical spectacular sign ever built and it is located in Time Square in the block 64th to 45th Streets.  John Potter is the son of Mr. and Mrs. J.W. Potter of Springhill and has been making a name for himself with the General Outdoor Adventure Company in New York.  Popular in his hometown, his host of friends will be listening to him Sunday Evening and will wish him continued success in his chosen profession.

June 23, 1936Hindenburg Seen Here

     Excitement reigned throughout the town Wednesday about 12:15 when the giant zeppelin “Hindenburg” was plainly visible north of the town for some thirty minutes.  It was thought the airship had moved in from the coast on account of fog which gave local residents the thrill of a lifetime.  Flying low in the north the ship was visible only to those on the higher ground.  The “Hindenburg” was on her way back to Germany, and one of her passengers was Max Schmeling, conqueror of Joe Louis.

     The close up view we had of the big ship through a pair of field glasses, recalled to mind our first view of the zeppelin as used in raids on London.  In Greenwich in 1917 we witnessed a bombing raid by one of these giant ships on London and the subsequent attack by Lieutenant Robinson and his comrades in their airplanes, resulting in the destruction of the zeppelin as it came down in flames with its living cargo.  For his outstanding work in this attack Robinson won the Victoria Cross, England’s highest award for bravery.  During various visits to London we saw England’s airmen destroy three of these zeppelins as they attacked the city.  It was interesting yesterday to see these powerful ships being utilized for some useful purpose.

The CurfewEditorial

     The nine o’clock whistle holds no fear for children now.  They are running wild all over town again until all hours of the night.  Councillor Bowden had this pretty well in hand when he was in charge of the Police Department, but it seems to be one of those things that has to be checked up every once in a while, or it gets out of hand.  Nine o’clock is late enough for small children.  If warning them does no good perhaps it would be well to copy the precedent set by a court recently when children were given a good spanking for disregarding the law.  Of course it was done with the consent of the parents.

But with or without, it is a good one.