The Heritage Corner, Springhill Record

September 13, 2006

Sept. 13, 2006 – Annual Report 1907

In the year 1907 a New Town Hall was built. The cost of the land and title deed was $1712.70; Springhill Manufacturing Company contract $10990.00; Electric Light Company $150; R.A. Johnson, Architect $329.70 and D.A. Mattinson $187.00 for a cost of $13369.40 less the proceeds of the old court house land of $1100.00, for a grand total of $12,269.40.

The new by-laws were finally revised and amended.

In this year they were calling for a new school to be built but finances were not available to do so.

The Teachers for that year included: F.G. Moorehouse, L.A. D’Entremont, H.G. Clarke, D.S. Brennan, M.A. Grunt, Isabella Conway, Pearl Anderson, Fannie Kent, Mabel McDowell, Mrs. L.E. Logan, INA Cooper, Bertha M. Purdy, Jane Elliott, A. J. McKenzie, Jane Orr, Margaret Fraser, Effie Roney, Maudena Silfert, J. Madeline Clay, Della O’Brien, Annie Murray, Alice Swift, Isabella Burden, Carrie Paul, Katherine Beaton, Mabel Sproul, Fannie O’Brien, Ethel Pugh, Annie Gilmore, Beatrice Watt, Georgie Hall, Mrs. L. Anderson, Elizabeth Matthews and Gussie Paul.

In 1907 386 ft. of sewers were laid on Chapel Street . The homeowners paid a part of the cost. The Streets Dept. was looking for a way to keep the water from rushing down the streets after a heavy rain as it was gullying out the streets.

The Poor Committee Chairman Joseph Turner stated that “I found that there are people who would suffer rather than apply for assistance, while there are others that are a little jealous about getting their rightful share of the funds in charge of the poor committee.” He also stated that while it was good the poor had a place to stay in Pugwash; he didn’t think it was right that they had to stay in the same building as the insane. He thought the county should come up with a plan for a poor house or chartable institution for the poor and physically defective who were not insane, apart from the place where the insane were kept.

There was a smallpox epidemic in 1907 with a cost to the town of $4451.03. At that time there were four Doctors in Springhill: Dr. M.J. Wardrope, Dr. J.A. Sutherland, Dr. R.L. Murray and Dr. J.G. Campbell.

Here is a list of some of the Town Officials for the year 1908: Mayor, A.B. Wilson and Deputy Mayor, George Hopkins. Councillors for Ward 1: George Pepperdine and Seaman Terris Ward 2: George Hopkins and Johnston Thompson, Ward 3: Andrew Paul and Morton R. Herrett. Daniel McLeod was still the Town Clerk and Treasurer. The Stipendiary Magistrate was J.M. Hunter Esq., with R.B. Murray Esq. as Deputy Stipendiary Magistrate. For the School Commission the Councillors were: George Hopkins, A. Paul and A.B. Wilson. Those appointed by Government were – W.D. Matthews and R.J. McDonald. The Chief of Police was G.L. Smith and there were the following Constables: George L. Smith, Angus Beaton, George E. McKay, Samuel Richmond, Alfred Hopkins, James Lockhart, H.A.B. Glendenning, P.T. Gilmour,

Simon D. Fraser, James O’Brien, George D. McCollum Sr., Bedford Allan, Dougald Carrigan, David Merritt, Wm. McPherson, George Ridgeway, Wm. Maddison, James Dunn, John C. McIssac, Edward Adams, George Letcher, Charles Nelson, Kempton Stonehouse, Edward Thibideau, Alfred Cox, John Manuge, Walter Mitchell and John

Tabor. The Principal of the Public Schools – F.G. Morehouse, with Vice Principals D.S. Brennan, West End School and Miss Annie Swift, Elgin St. School. For the Fire Wards – E.A. Potter, W.D. Matthews, R.B. Murray, James W. Heighton, Daniel Murray and A.A. McKinnon. The Fire Constables were: Rod J. McDonald, William Letcher, Alex A. Gillis, David Colwell, O.D. Schurman and F.S. Heffernan. Lockup Keeper was J.E. Taylor who was also the Public Weigher. Superintendent of Water Works was G.R. Oulton and the Superintendent of the Fire Dept. was A.L. Somers.