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February 3rd, 2016

Mar. 9, 1943Springhill RecordStop Main Street Snow Removal

     Council convened Friday evening, Mar. 3rd, in one of the most argumentative meetings in quite some time.  His Worship Mayor Mason presided with Councillors Noiles, Terris, A. McKay, Dewar, Gilroy and Phillips present.

     The first argument of the evening was the motion by Councillor Dewar to have the motion of the previous meeting changed, which named the committee to the School Board stating that this committee is illegal and unconstitutional as it should contain a member of last year’s council.  No action was taken on this matter.

Council Bans Snow Removal on Main Street

     Councillor Phillips dropped the bombshell of the night, taking the Council completely by surprise, when he made the motion that the Town cease to remove the snow on Main Street.  Coming back at the Mayor for refusing to allow the increase for the Teachers and Janitors, Councillor Phillips accused his Worship of spending $661 from December 30th to March on snow removal and yet not granting this increase.  Rather astounded by the large amount of money involved, His Worship asked Councillor Phillips if he had an itemized account of the bill.  Replying in the affirmative, he was asked to give a full account of the expenditure, which he refused to do.  It was then that Councillor Phillips took his opportunity to make a motion to the effect that this snow removal be stopped.  The motion was promptly seconded it and on taking a vote on the question, Councillor Phillips, Gilroy, Dewar and Terris voted on no snow removal, while Councillors A. McKay and Noiles were in favor of removing it. 

     However the motion carried and there will be no more snow removal from Main Street.

     His Worship was just able to catch his breath and counter Councillor Phillip’s announcement with the fact that if this project cost $661 then it was time that the Town carried out an investigation to determine just where the ratepayers’ money was being spent.

The New Plow and Tractor

     Councillor A. McKay, Chairman of the Streets, brought the trouble with the new plow and tractor before the Council.  Stating the His Worship was more informed on this matter he handed the discussion over to the Mayor for an explanation.  His Worship stated to the Council and the Ratepayers present that the new equipment had broken down for a second time, but in his estimation, in either case it was not because the machinery was inefficient and no good but it was merely one of those accidents that happen to the best of machinery.

     Explaining the first breakage the Mayor stated that the Tractor was equipped with ice growsers, but not the proper one of the machine, although a new one was on order but had not arrived yet.  When trouble developed a repair man from the firm Wm. Stairs Son and Morrow was brought in to examine the tractor.  It was found that not having the complete set of ice growsers there was too much vibration and the bolts were being loosened, one of which caused the clutch to slip.  However this was repaired and the repairman advised that the ice growsers be taken off until the proper ones were received.

     Speaking on the recent break His Worship stated that one of the Main Drives had broken.  The parts were ordered and a repairman was again brought in from Halifax.  Asking about the cost of these repairs, the Council was informed by the Town Clerk that the Town had been billed $132 for parts only.  Evidently the labor for installing these parts was donated free of charge by the firm Wm. Stairs, Son and Morrow of Halifax.

     After the decks were cleared of this matter, the Council launched into a very lengthy argument on the plowing of the streets.  Following a discussion of what streets were to be plowed and when, Councillor A. McKay introduced the following motion which met with the approval of the Council:

     Moved by Councillor A. McKay and seconded by Councillor Noiles, that no private driveways, those of Town Employees or Councillors shall be plowed open by the town plow until all the streets of the Town have been opened up for traffic, and then with the understanding that the usual charge for such work will be paid for.

     Exceptions to this ruling are the driveways of Doctors or in emergency cases.  For such emergencies approval of the Chairman of the Streets or the Mayor must be secured.

     It was moved that the Street Committee meet to draw up a schedule for the plow to follow in future when plowing out the streets.  In this way the citizens will know just when their street will be cleared and eliminate the endless flow of criticism directed against the Councillors and Mayor. 

     Councillor A. McKay wishes to warn the parents of all children who make it a past time of rolling the big lumps of snow down unto the streets after the plow has cleared the street.  This causes a great deal of nuisance to cars passing on the road and if this practice is not stopped, the matter will be left in the hands of the Police.

Enrolls as Student Nurses

     Miss Doris Ward, formerly of John Wilson’s staff, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Ward, left on Saturday for Yarmouth where she entered the Yarmouth General Hospital Training School for Nurses.

     Miss Inez Bigelow, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Bigelow, entered the same Training School a few weeks ago.

     Friends wish these young ladies every success


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